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Vibrations of Spirit

~ The pulsing of energy around us and within us ~

How do you describe this phenomenon?
How do you cultivate it?
      Enjoy it?      Transform it?      Celebrate it?
  What raises your vibrations? 
How do you interact with the vibrations all around you?
How do you contribute to the vibrational spirit of the collective whole?

Meditation,   RitualConnection/Community Movement DancePerforming Arts Yoga Energy Work Healing WorkSpiritual WorkPhotography PaintingDrawing(Art in its many forms)MusicSingingDrummingChantingPrayingJourneying WritingInner Exploration,  Astrology,  Health/Diet PracticesCommuning with Nature

These are a few examples of activities that can raise and change our vibrations as we contribute to the vibrations all around us.

Do you have a workshop idea that would resonate with this theme?


Many cultures believe all things have a spirit and/or all things have a vibration.   Many names and ways are used to describe this concept.   You may have your own ways to describe this idea.   All in all, it seems we truly live in a world alive with energy buzzing, pulsing, and dancing around us and within us.

As we look to the new year and CW 2018, let us take special care of our own vibrational energy
and in doing so, collectively create a higher vibration of spirit for our planet.

While everything may be blanketed in cold and snow, the vibrational spirit of the land is continuing to pulse.

May you honor your own vibrational energy this winter in ways that comfort you and replenish your spirit.

Vibrations of Spirit

September 21-23, 2018