FUNdraising Raffle

The FUNdraising Raffle is a popular event at Celebrating Women where a unique, one of kind work of art is raffled off.

1 ticket = $2   or   3 tickets = $5

Tickets for the raffle are sold throughout the weekend.

The raffle takes place on Sunday during the Closing Ceremony.

**You must be present to win or have someone willing to deliver the artwork to you.**

The work of art for 2018 will be created and donated to Celebrating Women by Fenesa Dilworth.

Proceeds from the raffle go to Celebrating Women’s Scholarship fund.

Artwork for 2018 Raffle

Artwork for 2018 Raffle

Marketplace - Be a Vendor!
2018 Marketplace

2018 Marketplace

2018 Marketplace

2018 Marketplace

The Marketplace is a space where women in our CW community will be offering goods, readings, and body/energy work throughout the weekend.

You must apply to be Vendor in the Marketplace.
(Application Below)

Who can be a Vendor?
Women who are registered for Celebrating Women and who are an artisan, business owner, reader, or body/energy worker.
(Registration opens August 1st.)

Do I have to sit at my table the whole time?   No.  
The Marketplace is open at all times during the Celebrating Women weekend, allowing people to browse, set up sessions, or visit with you.  You decide how much time you spend at your table or healing station, allowing you to participate in workshops, activities, and soaking.  Simply leave your sign-up sheet or “times of attendance” at your table.

We ask that you keep your prices affordable for attendees, as a special offering at Celebrating Women event. (Suggestion for readers is $1/minute, either 15 or 30 minutes). Providing a 'taste' of what you have to offer is best in this setting, and often brings ongoing results and abundance.

Set Up:
  • Set up time is between 3 and 5 pm on Friday.  Please contact Daeryl if you need to set up at a different time.
  • Marketplace is located in the upstairs lobby.
  • Tables and chairs are provided.
  • Vendors can request a full 8ft. table or half an 8ft. table space
  • There are a maximum of 9 tables for vendors.
  • Body/energy workers, or those who need privacy for their sessions, are asked to hold these sessions in their room, out on the porch, or in the yard.  There will be a table available at the Marketplace for your sign-up sheets and promotional materials. Ask Daeryl to assist you in finding your best set up

  • Vendor's Fees:
  • Vendors agree to pay 10% of their income from the weekend to Boulder Hot Springs for use of the space.
  • Vendors agree to tithe a portion of their income to Celebrating Women to help fund future events.
  • Cash or check only

    Promotional Support
  • Vendor information will be listed on Celebrating Women's website under "Meet the Vendors".   To be included on this webpage, send a brief description of yourself, your service or product, online links, and a small jpg photo to
  • Vendors can offer a product, service, or discount for the Free Drawing at the Marketplace Grand Opening at 9:00 a.m. Saturday. To participate in the Free Drawing, designate a small item or mini-service to offer. Write your offering on the back of your business card and give to the Marketplace Midwife at set up time.

    • Women receiving payment for selling goods or doing body/energy work or readings are asked to be a Vendor at the CW's Marketplace.

      *Please no vending outside the Marketplace.* (Gifts and "pro bono" services are o.k. outside the marketplace.)

      We count on your participation to help make the Marketplace a vibrant, lively place as well as giving women another way to help make Celebrating Women a possibility through your donation as a vendor!

      Questions?  If you have questions or if you need help with display or promotional materials, need encouragement, or have a special request, please contact Daeryl for assistance. or 432-295-0270.

    Silent Auction

    A great time to socialize and bid on fun items (donated by attendees) all while raising funds for Celebrating Women's Scholarship Fund!!
    silent auction 2018 (2).jpg
    silent auction2 2018 (2).jpg
    The Silent Auction takes place on Saturday!
    (Set up begins at 8:30. Bid throughout the day. Bidding ends at 5:30)

    Attendees are asked to bring items and treasures they no longer need or want.  These lovely items might be clothing, sacred or spiritual objects, jewelry, books, cds, you name it!   If you have loved it and think someone else will love it, too, please contribute it to our Silent Auction.

    • Set up for the Silent Auction is Saturday 8:30-10:00 a.m.during Free Time. Please put out your items during this time on the tables provided located on the Veranda. Fill out a bidding sheet for each item.
    • Attendees are asked to set up their items on the tables provided on the veranda.
    • Silent Auction forms will be provided or you can print them from the button below and bring them with you already filled out.
    • Bidding is throughout the day on Saturday. However, the big final bidding push is from 4:30 - 5:30. Come join the fun on the veranda during time which becomes a fun time to socialize as well!
    • Ends at 5:30. At this time, you will pay for the items you won. Cash or check accepted.

    • Proceeds from the Silent Auction go to Celebrating Women's Scholarship Fund.

    High Holy Hoopla

    Saturday Night 7:30 in the Ballroom

    Please be prompt and ready at 7:30 p.m. in front of the Ballroom.
    Women often dress in special ceremonial clothing for this event. Come in whatever is comfortable for you!

    The High Holy Hoopla is a large group ceremony that pertains to the year’s theme or the Autumn Equinox.

    Afterwards there is optional drumming and dancing. Women who prefer a quieter alternative to drumming, may gather women up for a soak or gather in the juice bar for an after party of their own making.

    After the drumming and dancing, women often have a quick soak before the pools are closed for the night.

    FullSizeRender (38).jpg

    Volunteer Opportunities

    Do you want to make Celebrating Women awesome?

      We need some helpful women for the following volunteer positions:

    • Help with Friday's Ballroom Decoration
    • Registration Check-In
    • Silent Auction Set Up and Clean Up
    • Sunday Ballroom Clean-up
    Email if you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities.

    Apply to be a Workshop Presenter

    Hand Analysis Workshop 2017

    Hand Analysis Workshop 2017


      Things To Know If You Are A Presenter:

    • CW is traditionally held on the weekend closest to the Autumn Equinox in September.   (2019's Retreat is Sept. 20-22, 2019)
    • Presenters are asked to attend the whole weekend. This creates creates continuity and a closer sense of women's community.
    • Presenters supply their own copies, flip chart, boom box, etc. You can charge a small materials fee for projects.
    • Workshops are 90 minutes and correlate to the year's theme.
    • Presenters receive a Discounted Registration Fee. (Workshops with more than one presenter will split the registration discount.) See our Registration Page for more information.
    • Scholarships are available if you need further financial assistance.

    Presenters are responsible for:
    1. Reserving and Paying for their Food and Lodging at Boulder Hot Springs.   Phone: (406) 225-4339
    2. Registering for Celebrating Women   (Registration Opens August 1, 2019)
    3. Applying for a Scholarship if needed   (Scholarships available August 1, 2019)

    Visit Our Registration Page for Presenter Discounts, Registration Form, and Scholarship Application  

    Questions? Email


    Synnovei is a mythic Scandinavian Goddess who dreamed into being a bevy of powerful female artists, with the mission to inspire women to create a world of freedom, justice, and love of the arts and the Earth.
    Synnovei and The Montana Women's Chorus - Helena, MT Mother's Day 2014

    Synnovei and The Montana Women's Chorus - Helena, MT Mother's Day 2014

    She has made appearances at International Women's Day, Mother's Day Concerts, The Women's March in Helena, and even at Celebrating Women years ago where many of her finishing touches and assembly were done.

    Some years, Synnovei is the center piece of the ballroom decoration for the weekend.   She is a presence full of hope and power, grace and strength, and compassion for all beings.

    More photos and videos of Synnøvei in action!

    Celebrating Women 2017

    Celebrating Women 2017

    Celebrating Women 2017

    Celebrating Women 2017

    Synnøvei leading women at the Women's March in Helena, MT 2017

    Synnøvei leading women at the Women's March in Helena, MT 2017

    Synnøvei at Celebrating Women (learning the Cool Water Hula) 2008

    Synnøvei at Celebrating Women (learning the Cool Water Hula) 2008

    Synnøvei (and Jeanette Rankin!) at the Women's March in Helena 2017

    Synnøvei (and Jeanette Rankin!) at the Women's March in Helena 2017