CW Scholarship Request Form

  (Requests should be sent by August 31, 2018 for full consideration.)

Celebrating Women has a commitment to make scholarship money available for women who otherwise would not be able to participate, giving special consideration to those women who are in transition, or for whatever reason, are in the midst of physical, emotional and/or spiritual changes in their life.

    Please Consider:
  • Whenever possible, we ask that women pay the cost of the registration fee, as this is the actual cost for us to conduct the weekend.
  • We always need help during the event itself, but scholarships are not awarded based on availability to help.
  • During CW 2018, we need help at the registration desk from 1:00–3:30p.m., and 3:30–6:00p.m.  Two people are needed for each time slot. 
  • We anticipate the first round of scholarship decisions approximately 2 weeks prior to Celebrating Women.
    Requests are considered until 72 hours prior or until all the funds are disbursed.

    Scholarships Levels:
  • Registration Fee Scholarship - CW registration fee is reduced.   (2017 Registration fee is $110.)
  • Partial Scholarship - A portion of the fees for the weekend, such as lodging & registration are covered.
    The value of a partial scholarship is $200.
  • Full Scholarship - Registration, Food, and Lodging costs are covered.   The value of a full scholarship is $236-$287, depending on whether one camps or stays in a room.   Lodging is either camping or in a shared double or triple room. You may select your roommates, or we can do that!

Scholarship Application

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