Apply to be a Workshop Presenter

Applications for 2018 are closed.

    Things To Know If You Are A Presenter:
  • CW is traditionally held on the weekend closest to the Autumn Equinox.   (2018's Retreat is September 21-23, 2018)

  • Presenters are asked to attend the whole weekend.   This creates creates continuity and a closer sense of women's community.

  • Presenters receive a Discounted Registration Fee. (Workshops with more than one presenter will split the registration discount.)
         Scholarships are available if you need further financial assistance.
  • Presenters supply their own copies, flip chart, boom box, power point etc.   You can charge a small materials fee for projects.

  • Workshops are 90 minutes and correlate to the year's theme.   Vibrations of Spirit is 2018's theme.   See our Home Page for more description.

  • Presenters are responsible for:
  •      1. Reserving and Paying for their food and lodging at Boulder Hot Springs   (406) 225-4339
         2. Registering for Celebrating Women and paying the discounted registration fee   (The registration form is also where you sign up for
             workshops you'd like to attend.)
         3. Applying for a Scholarship if needed

           Visit Our Registration Page for Presenter Discounts, Registration Form, and Scholarship Application

    Presenter Application

    Applications for 2018 are closed

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    We do our best to accommodate where your workshop will be held.   What would be your first choice?
    If you are not familiar with these spaces, we will designate a space taking into consideration the nature of your workshop and the number of participants.
    Do you plan on being a vendor? *
    A vendor is someone who has a product to sell and/or recieves payment for doing energy/body work or readings.
    To be a vendor at Celebrating Women's Marketplace, please fill out the Vendor Application found in the Things to Do tab.
    I understand Presenters are asked to attend the whole weekend. *
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    I understand that I am responsible for registering with CW and paying the discounted registration fee.
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    I understand that I must call Boulder Hot Springs to reserve my lodging and food. *