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Taking applications until Spring Equinox. (March 20, 2019)

    Things To Know If You Are A Presenter:

CW is traditionally held on the weekend closest to the Autumn Equinox.   (2019's Retreat is September 20-22, 2019)

Presenters are asked to attend the whole weekend.   This creates creates continuity and a closer sense of women's community.

Presenters receive a Discounted Registration Fee. Generally this discount is 1/2 the Early Bird Registration. (Workshops with more than one presenter will split the registration discount.) Scholarships are available if you need further financial assistance.

Presenters supply their own copies, flip chart, boom box, power point etc.   You can charge a small materials fee for projects.

Workshops are 90 minutes and correlate to the year's theme.   A Woman's Voice is 2019's theme.   More explanation and description of this theme coming soon.

Presenters are responsible for:
1. Reserving and Paying for their food and lodging at Boulder Hot Springs   (406) 225-4339
2. Registering for Celebrating Women and paying the discounted registration fee   (The registration form is also where you sign up for workshops you'd like to attend.)
3. Applying for a Scholarship if needed

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A vendor is someone who has a product to sell and/or receives payment for doing energy/body work or readings.
To be a vendor at Celebrating Women's Marketplace, please fill out the Vendor Application.
For Vendor Application and Information, click the Retreat Tab and choose Things to Do
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(Generally, the Presenter Discount is 1/2 the Early Bird Registration.)
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