2019 Keynote Speaker TBA

2018’s Retreat was a Wonderful Weekend!

Our 2018 Keynote Speaker was
Cache Hartzell

Cache Hartzell

Cache Hartzell

Everything is VIBRATION!

What is the vibration of what you seek?

How does it feel?

How close are you to the vibration of all that you desire?

What is the frequency of Well Being?

Do you know you can Empower your Dreams and Well Being with your own energy?

Come on.   Empower Yourself!

Cache has spent over 3 decades as a Vibrational Miner.

She has helped thousands of Women discover their own True Essential Frequency
and Empower themselves with their own energies.

"Once we hear the truth of our own song, our own inner tone,
we spontaneously recognize our ENOUGHness and
are able to Tune ourselves to the Vibration of all we have Become!"  ~ Cache

Cache Hartzell, E-RYT 500 began her exploration with meditation, healing arts, sound, soul trance work, movement and yoga over 25 years ago and continues to pursue education and experience in sound healing, yoga and the healing arts. This ongoing process of practicing and learning provides many fresh insights that inspire her teaching and workshops.

Cache's teaching style is intuitive and nourishes the hidden strengths of her clients and students while challenging them to reach beyond their perceived limitations. Her deep understanding and direct experience can easily open the way to a reunion with the True Self. Her skilled hands-on adjustments help students to access and awaken the life force in dormant areas of the body. You will leave her classes feeling enlivened, refreshed, relaxed and renewed.

Cache is also an International yoga educator, a registered Jin Shin Do practitioner, a Body Centered Contemplative Counselor, a teacher for the Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine, an Intuitive Source Healer
and a swimmer of rivers.