Celebrating Women's 2019 Keynote Speaker


Thank you Harmony, for sharing
your music, words, and company with us
at Celebrating Women 2019!


Harmony Grisman is a

Medicine Song Circle Leader
Salmon Singer
Music Instigator
and Teacher of Songwriting Guitar, Voice, and Piano.

Her songs have traveled widely to diverse places around the globe.
She trails after them, to give them. full voice and certitude.

She is co-director of Women’s Hearts and Hands Guitar Camp.
She has five CDs:
Chants of a Lifetime, Medicine Song Revival, Breathe, Child, Answer the Call, and Harmony for Kids.


Harmony Grisman2.png

Bio in a song: for Harmony J. Grisman

"As Is Condition"

“Well, I got whiskers on my chin, and dirty old sneakers
with a hole beginnin’ – right near my toe and water comin’ in,
Don’t that say something ‘bout my “As Is” condition?
If you wanna know where I am, I’m living in AS IS land.

I’m an As Is woman, was an As Is child
I tried to live simple but it got a bit wild…
I been doing penance for all that I have been
but now I’m quitting, let the joy back in
If you wanna know where I am, I’m living in AS IS land.

I’m a full of holes person from a patchwork quilt,
in the business of loving with a side of guilt,
I’m cranky in the autumn, goofy in the spring
and, mostly afraid of everything!
But if you want to meet me where I am
I’m living in AS IS land.